Our People! Our Power!

Fishexpert recognizes that climbing as well as staying at the top, in the particularly demanding environment of the frozen catch industry is due to the staff’s abilities, effort and dedication. In our people, whom we consider to be members of our wider family, we offer the best of today’s Fishexpert work environment: continuous training and development of their skills, rewarding their performance, professional development and the security of work in a safe and fair workplace, in which dynamism, team spirit, professionalism and customer-centric perception are rewarded everyday!


The heart of the company is located in Aspropyrgos, in its ultra-modern facilities, with an area of ​​50,000sqf It has production lines of the latest technology for processing and packaging of fresh & frozen fish as well as innovative products. High Capacity Chillers and the largest freezer buildings in Bangladesh high quality management system. The facilities are equipped with quality control laboratories, where daily checks ensure the excellent quality Fishexpert products, far exceeding the specifications set by the framework for food safety and hygiene in Bangladesh.

Quality Control

Fishexpert has all the necessary international certifications, namely: ISO 9001, Hallal,  HACCP. At the same time, in cooperation with the International Sustainable Fisheries Certification Bodies, we are the one of company in our industry in Bangladesh.

Cold Chain

Fishexpert attaches great importance to preserving the added value of its products especially in the refrigeration chain, which guarantees the freshness and high quality of frozen products at all stages of fishing, production, standardization, packaging and disposal up to the final point of sale. As it collaborates directly with large and sophisticated fishing boats, where catching and freezing is done on the spot and in a minimum of time, Fishexpart can offer fish that keep their juices unchanged, their quality and texture, while they are equal and many times superior to fresh nutritional value and flavor.


“΄The sea can’t be wrong”

The Truth of the Sea inspires us! Thanks to this, we find the power to be truly true and authentic in everything we do. So it is no coincidence that honesty is the cornerstone on which, for half a century, we have supported all our relationships and all our partnerships. But we do not stop there. The absolute commitment to quality, our professionalism and our continuous effort for improvement are key elements of our philosophy from the very first day. For all of us, Fishexpert is not just a company. It is our wider family that gives us the power to constantly try to bring the best to your own family!

Care for humans:

Assistance to the weak and the access of vulnerable groups to safe and nutritious food is a concern for the people of Fishexpert In collaboration with recognized care organizations, mainly through the actions of local holy temples, Fishexpert supports the people who are experiencing unfavorable conditions and cares for their nutrition with fish and seafood of high nutritional value, from the foundation of the company to the present day.

Care for the environment:

According to the United Nations Regional Information Center: The oceans cover ¾ of the Earth’s surface and contain about 200,000 recognized species, the actual figure, however, may amount to millions. The oceans are the largest source of protein in the world, with more than 3 billion people depend on the oceans. Overfishing and hence the risk of underwater life disappearing, raises the question of the sustainability of our planet and its people in the near future. Fishexpert puts its own stumbling block on one of the main SDGs, which is life in water in two steps:

It is committed to the protection of underwater life by presenting the groundbreaking Frozen Seafood Bangladesh series, and informs the public about environmental protection and sustainable fishing.

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