Since the start of Fishexpart in 2015, we have recognized the need to support the two pillars that contribute to the sustainable development of the company over the years: people and the environment. The concept of Social Responsibility was the primary concern of our founder, Md. Abdul Quaium, and it was transformed into the next generation and today, more than ever, this philosophy and attitude of life is reflected in a concrete plan of actions and initiatives of Fishexpert.

5 Years of experience

Fishexpert is engaged in the import, export, commerce, processing, packaging and distribution of frozen fish. At the same time, the company produces delicious innovative products (burgers, sausages, kebabs and parizer) from seafood.

Founded in 2015 and after 5 years  of operation, Fishexpert is now more dynamic than ever! With a domestic market share of more than 25% and a significant increase in its export activity, it sees the future with optimism and is ready to conquer it.

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